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Improvement In the Economy Leads to More Attorney Hiring

April 7, 2010

The latest economic data indicates that we are pulling ourselves out from this recession.  Home sales rose in March by 27 percent; employment rose by 162,000 people in March, and the stock market has found ground at around the impressive 11,000 mark.  Unfortunately, the unemployment rate is still at 9.7 percent.

With this encouraging economic data, more legal hiring is taking place.  The hot fields of law are currently, litigation, trusts and estates, tax, healthcare, labor and employment, and as always, intellectual property and patent litigation.  In the area of trusts and estates law, many employers are seeking attorneys with an LL.M in tax.  In the field of intellectual property and patent law some new niche practice areas are very much in demand right now.  They are ANDA litigation and antitrust patent interface litigation.  ANDA litigation involves disputes between name brand pharmaceutical companies and generic pharmaceutical companies when the generic pharmaceutical companies attempt to get patents on their generic version of the name brand pharmaceutical companies’ drugs.

Unfortunately, jobs in the financial services, banking law and real estate law are still very scarce.  However some hiring is starting to take place in the area of corporate law.  As the economy continues to improve, these areas of law should come to life again as well.

With so many top attorneys having been laid off, the job market is very competitive right now.  There has never been a better time to use a legal recruiter.  Often legal recruiters learn about positions before they have been advertised by firms and corporations.  In this job market, time is definitely of the essence.  In addition, recruiters who do a lot of work in a specific geographical area tend to forge strong relationships with the hiring partners and recruiting directors at law firms and the general counsel and recruiting individuals at corporations there and can ensure that your resume gets into the right person’s hand and is noticed.  Having your resume endorsed by a legal recruiter who regularly works with a law firm or corporation, will give your candidacy more credibility.  Finally, a good recruiter will write a detailed cover letter explaining any moves that you have made in your career and any personal issues that were going on in your life during that year in law school when you received some C’s.

There are definitely some great attorney positions becoming available now, and you need to be marketed correctly, quickly and to the correct individuals at these firms and companies.

Lateral Moves Abound For Both Partners and Associates in 2010

January 18, 2010

With the arrival of 2010, there will be many more lateral attorney moves.  For partners, there are a number of reasons for that.  This month alone, we have been contacted my many partners who would like to explore a lateral move.  The most common reasons they give us for their desire to move are worry about the financial stability of their firm, dissatisfaction with the amount that they were given at the end of the year of their firm’s accounts receivables, and the feeling that they will be able to better serve their existing clients and cultivate new ones at a different law firm.

Likewise, more law firms than ever are contacting us asking that we find them more productive partners with portable business.  These firms are expressing worry that keeping unproductive partners will hurt their firm’s bottom line and stability.  The hottest practice areas that we are seeing a demand for partners in are taxation, life sciences, bankruptcy, intellectual property, healthcare, commercial litigation, white collar crime  litigation and labor and employment.   The geographical areas where we are seeing the most lateral movement are Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C. and California, especially the Silicon Valley.

Associates at law firms are also more interested in exploring other firms than they were in 2009.  In 2009, they were too worried about the first in first out rule if they switched to another law firm.  Instead, they stayed at their current law firms and held their breath hoping that they would not fall victim to the next layoffs.   Now associates are feeling a bit more confident in making lateral moves.

While attorney jobs are still more tenuous than in the past, confidentiality is more important than ever.  Finding a reputable legal recruiter who knows the legal market where you are seeking employment and has a good track record on confidentiality is key.   In addition, using a legal recruiter who is also an attorney is very helpful with regard to understanding the nuances of your practice area and the inner workings and politics of law firms.

The good news is that new lateral attorney openings are becoming available everyday in 2010, and it appears that it will be a much better climate for both partners and associates to find new positions.

Why Legal Recruiting and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

November 2, 2009

As legal recruiters, we find ourselves continually called upon to take stock of the current market conditions and apply their facts to the abilities and talents among our client pool. It is our responsibility to understand both sides of an employment story, the needs of both our clients and our candidates to make the best fit for all involved.

SMR Legal Search is proud to offer confidential and personalized legal search services to our attorney candidates. Our understanding of the legal marketplace, current trends and the needs of our clients coupled with our personalized services and extensive legal recruiting and law practice experience. gives us an advantage over the competition.  However, in this highly competitive market, it can be difficult to stand out amidst the high volume of legal recruiters in the Philadelphia region alone.

Using web marketing, we have found a way to increase our ability to communicate with our candidates and clients.  In a business when time actually is money and can be the make or break of a business deal, SMR Legal Search leverages the power of Twitter and Linked In to provide personal contact with current and potential clients and candidates in a more convenient environment.  

Of course, we still have many long phone conversations and face to face meetings with our clients and candidates.  However, for those who prefer to be tweeted to about new job openings and attorneys who are perfect for their positions, we offer social networking as a time efficient method of communication.

As a service-industry company, our customer service is the backbone of our business. We want to be sure that we are there to answer any of our clients or candidates, in a confidential setting. Direct messages are direct conversations between twoTwitter members and supply a private forum where candidates can talk directly with any of our recruiters about their job searches. We also use Twitter to list our hottest job openings so our followers are the first to know about opportunities in their areas of practice.

Linked In is a business forum where we are able to connect directly with our current and potential client base, ensuring that we can offer them the best and brightest attorney candidates for their open job positions. We use the forums and groups to keep our clients up to speed on our work and what we can do for their business.

Check out the SMR Legal Search accounts on both Twitter and Linked In and see how Social Media enhances the level of customer service for our clients and candidates.